Helping the DTC Community

March 22nd, 2020

The last few weeks have brought unprecedented disruption, not only to our personal and professional lives and to the economy in general, but also to many members of the DTC community. Some brands are weathering the storm just fine, while others are struggling due to issues ranging from low consumer demand, supply chain interruptions and fulfillment center closures.

At Honeycomb, we want to offer up our platform as a way to enable brands to help one another. Along the way, we will do our part to help the community navigate the unchartered waters in which we find ourselves and come out stronger than before.

How we’re helping:

If you are a brand that is struggling in the current environment, we want to help. We are opening our network to you by offering free monthly access for your first partnership. Just email us at and we’ll be in touch.

If you are struggling with any particular area of your business (customer demand, supply chain or fulfillment center issues), please don’t hesitate to reach out. We have an established network of partners that may be able to help.

Leveraging Honeycomb to help your business:

If you are having difficulty restocking or shipping your brand’s products, you can leverage the product catalogs of brands in our network to continue selling through your store and generate revenue.

How you can help other brands:

If your brand has not been impacted, consider helping out smaller brands in our network by adding their products to your online store. Let your audience know that you are doing your part to help other brands in the DTC ecosystem and encourage them to support these brands by placing orders through your store.

Fostering connection among and creating opportunities between our network of brands has always been at the very core of Honeycomb’s mission. Now more than ever, creating a more connected DTC ecosystem is vital to the overall health of our industry. We are grateful for this opportunity to assist and look forward to partnering together to get us through these challenging times.