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"Honeycomb has helped us broaden our product assortment in a seamless, frictionless way. The service and the brands available are all top notch. It’s been a big win for us to be able to profitably expand the offering we show our customers."

Ashley Millen, VP of Marketing

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Cross-site selling partnerships in action

We call it "Unified Direct-To-Consumer"
As an industry, we can solve skyrocketing CAC and unprofitable unit economics by partnering together through cross-site selling.

Honeycomb is leading the charge in defining this new sales channel by breaking down the unnecessary silos between brands and unifying a fragmented landscape.

When we unite together, we can win.
Why sell goods from other brands?
Selling goods from complementary brands enables you to profitably grow your customer lifetime value (LTV).

With no inventory commitments and no fulfillment and returns costs, selling partner products provides an immediate boost to your bottom line.
Why supply goods to other brands?
Customer acquisition costs are out of control and are unsustainable.

Supplying your products for other brands to sell allows you to acquire new customers at economics you can afford.

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